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Fashion Doll - Dancing Star


Are you ready to break a leg? It’s time to turn up the music with Fashion Doll - Dancing Star. Get your ballroom dancing on with your favorite star and win the competition.Fashion Doll - Dancing Star combines some of your favorite things. A celebrity partner, great music, and the chance to pamper yourself. You will have a chance to go all the way in this dancing star salon. Start by getting ready for the competition by treating yourself to a spa treatment and makeover. Don’t forget your partner. He can match or compliment your outfit as you see fit. Then, get ready to go on stage to really wow the judges.
How to Play:• Pick your character:o Geraldine, Estelle, Veronica, or Stacey• Pick your partner:o Rupert, Simon, Eric, or Clive• Get ready for big break• A spa facial treatment is a perfect start• Follow up with some flashy cosmetics or go for a subtle look• Pick out a beautiful dress or outfit• Accessorize with jewelry and other accessories• Get your dance partner ready• Impress the judges with your style and pose• Win it all!
Stage lights are shining on you. The music is playing. It’s time for you to prove you have what it takes to win in Fashion Doll - Dancing Star.
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